Want to know how Audicy came to be?

Meet the four people who turned a dream into reality: Mike, Jacob, Kat, and Ken.

The co-founders

Mike Brooks

fearless ringleader


Jacob Friedmann

development wizard


Kat Hopkins

design mastermind


Ken Harlow

front-end hero


Two friends, Jacob and Mike, are out for a run chatting about all sorts of ideas they have for cool startups.

One day during a run, they are talking about podcasts when suddenly it hits them! Wouldn’t it be cool if anyone could be a podcaster?

Together, they hatch a vision for a world where anyone can easily share their voice with others.

Feb 2016

Mike and Jacob start spending their nights and weekends in local coffee shops coding and dreaming big.

Much coffee is consumed.

Mar 2016

Mike and Jacob have been coding for a couple of months and realize that they need some help.

Enter Kat! Audicy’s design mind!

Together the three of them begin work on refining the look and feel of Audicy.

Apr 2016

Our heroes jam together on what will be Audicy’s alpha version!

July 2016

As the alpha gets closer to completion, the gang realizes they need a website!

Enter Ken, the wildest HTML slinger this side of the Mississippi.

Sept 2016

Our heroes unveil Audicy Alpha to their friends and family!

Everyone loves it!

Oct 2016

The gang is working on new features and a fresh look for beta.

Jacob packs his things in DC, and heads west to Seattle!

Mike and Jacob videochat to keep from getting too heartbroken.

Turkey is eaten.

Nov 2016

The team is almost ready to show their beta to the world! Excitement begins growing!

Cookies are eaten.

Dec 2016